Youthís UK short term car insurance

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the As a parent, term breaks can be a challenging time, especially when children want to drive around on their own. The challenge arises from their lack of insurance cover. College students want to drive themselves around without supervision, but without insurance, it is a risky undertaking and any parent would vehemently oppose it. The cost of insurance for young drivers, such as college or university students, is very high.

Parents find short term Car insurance for just one day at a time a better alternative, given the high costs of maintaining annual insurance for young drivers. It can be purchased in the UK from Letís face it, parents with children in college already suffer from overstretched finances and maintaining an annual insurance cover for a young star makes no economic sense. But insurance is mandatory if such kids are to drive. What does a parent do? The alternative has been availed in the form of short term insurance contracts that offer comprehensive cover.

Previously, a parent would only provide their kid with insurance cover by having them added as named drivers in their annual insurance plans. This would involve a mid-term adjustment that recognizes the child as a party to the parentís insurance plan. However, such an adjustment takes time and may cost a parent extra premium. The demerit however is, should the child be involved in any accidents, the parent would have to contend with effects on the no claims bonus. What this does is increase the annual premium on the cover.

Therefore, finding suitable short term Car insurance can save parents a great deal of costs. To avoid such a challenge, parents are advised to seek suitable temporary insurance cover deals for their sons or daughters on holiday from college. The short term cover gives 28 days of cover and is readily available. The online applications are simple and can be done in record time.
You simply make payments for the period you intend to have the cover, but not more than 28 days. Begin your search online, from the comfort of your home. The policy certificate can even be printed from home as well. The advantage is, insurers will normally offer the uninsured loss recovery clause. In other words, this is juts but part of the whole cover. Contrary to popular belief, the short term Car insurance policies offer a comprehensive cover.

In addition, any costs that accrue from the short term cover do not affect the annual Car policy a parent may have purchased. It affects in no way the parentís annual no claims discount. The policy can be renewed as and when needed, as long as the student needs to hit the road. Caution though, the more renewals you make, the higher the premiums become.
The strict age restrictions on Insurance cover means most young stars must demonstrate impressive driving credits. The UK allows for age 21 and above qualifying for insurance cover. So for 21 year olds and above returning from college, do not sweat it, obtain short term insurance. You must also be a qualified and licensed driver

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